EZGO - TXT Golf Cart Rear Bumper with no hitch receiver or with a 1 1/4" or 2" Hitch Reciever mount.  Made with 14 gauge round tube.
Simply remove the rear plastic factory bumper and then mount the new steel REBEL bumper using the same four hole mounting points as the factory bumper.  

1 1/2" round tube 14 gauge material - 1/4" thick mounting plate, hitch receiver manufactured to the bumper in this patented designed.
Painted cat black powder coat for long lasting durability and holds up against the suns UV rays.


*Please note that all of our items are "Made to order".    We manufacture your item as soon as you place and pay for your order.  It does take a few extra days but we do this because we want you to have the best quality item possible.  Items that are manufactured in bulk and stored in a warehouse are subject to dents, dust and imperfections.    With your patients we will provide you with a quality product.

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EZGO - TXT Golf Cart Rear Bumper with Optional Hitch Receiver